How Do We Retain?

Retention begins with strong recruitment. Therefore, BTTI staff make sure that potential applicants meet all required criteria and have a strong commitment to enter and complete the program. Once participants are enrolled in a registered apprenticeship program, participants are assigned to a retention specialist who will support the apprentice throughout the length of the apprenticeship program. Supportive services provided include:

  • Stipend or cash assistance to help with costs associated with enrollment into and apprenticeship such as tools and workgear
  • Childcare support
  • Transportation support
  • Access to program staff when an issue arises and the apprentice needs guidance or a referral to outside resources

Our goal is to make sure that the apprentice is given the necessary support to complete their registered apprenticeship program and have a long-term career in their chosen field. 


Earn it, while you learn it! Combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction and be paid to participate!